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With access to nothing but the best ingredients, our experienced chefs are experts at delivering ready-to-be-served dishes for client meetings, office events, and casual get togethers.



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  • Olliiiiiiiives
  • These Are The Best
  • Don't Mind If I Do
  • Only The Freshest Fruit
  • Cookie Wedges
  • Antipasta
  • So Good
  • Deluxe Platter
  • Mom's Recipe
  • Just Right
  • Seasoned Olive Oil All Day

At Bella Vista Catering, we always strive to provide a unique, affordable, and convenient catering option for businesses and individuals around Philadelphia. From simple platter for small get togethers, to large 3-5-7 course extravagances – we’re the go-to option for a growing number of small business and co-working spaces around Philadelphia when it comes to catering. Our food’s delicious, but an increasing number of our new clients rely upon us for our attention to detail, quick turn-around, and convenient support in deciding what to serve. There’s so many options, let us walk you through them!

If you’ve been looking for a caterer in Philadelphia that has affordable pricing and quality product – you’ve come to the right back. Take your friend’s word for it and get in touch to see how we can explore catering your next event. If you know one of us, or are a referral, let us know! If you’re a new customer, we’ll hook you up just the same. There’s a new caterer in town, and we can’t wait to stir things up around Philly.

Sorry for this long block of text right on our homepage! It’s recommended that we have a certain amount of content on our homepage (so, we’re using it some of it to apologize for the epic long swipe you just did haha). While our business is growing simply by word-of-mouth, it’s always good to plan for the future : ) Again, if you have any questions or even suggestions – we’d love to hear from you. <3 Matt & Paul @ Bella Vista Catering

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