If we’re not cooking, we’re eating.

We love everything about food! Having been in the industry for many years, our team of dedicated chefs and event organizers have mastered the science of conveniently planning catered events.

We do need photos though..

Coming Soon : )

Soon our website will be updated with behind-the-scene photos in our kitchen, onsite shots of our customers and their guests enjoying themselves, and more inclusive visual menu of what we serve.. Whether you want our service to be more hands-off and just “give me the food” style, or if you really want to be catered too (sorry for the horribly awesome pun haha) – we’re a fun group of individuals to work with!

We’re working on putting together a longer story of the kitchens we’ve worked in, accolades we’ve won, and events serviced. We just need to get that in here! If you’re reading this and are simply curious about more – please stop by our soon-to-be open location on 9th Street and knock on the door (seriously). Happy to chop it up with your in-person if you’d like to explore our services.